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10x10variated Challenge: Pirates of the Caribbean

Point One: I'm delighted that I've discovered this community! If you like iconfiend100 but your up for more of a challenge, go to 10x10variated NOW. YES, RIGHT NOW! XD

Point Two: Pirates. Yay. I've missed this fandom so much...

Behind the cut you'll find my progress for this challenge. I have until July 24th to complete it, and the question is, can I do it!?

Username: _dundee_kisses
Claim: Movies- Pirates of the Caribbean
Set 1 (10/10) COMPLETE!
Set 2 (7/10)
Set 3 (7/10)
Set 6 (1/10)
Set 7 (1/10)
Set 9 (2/10)
Set 10 (1/10)

TOTAL (29/100)

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Marie Antoinette Caps: 1400 or so

Now that I finally have my own screencapping program, I'm able to make my own caps, which is truly a blessing.

After much fiddling around, I have managed to cap the movie Marie Antoinette and I thought I'd share. I have always had trouble finding caps for this movie, so tada, problem solved.

The caps are in 3 sets of about 600, because they are pretty large and my slow internet connection cannot upload something as huge as the total file is. The images are (640 X 272). Enjoy.

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Tutorial 3: Penelo

This is the first tutorial I have made in a really long time! XD

This one was requested by akiko_yoko_yuki and she requested for me to recreate this icon that I posted in my Final Fantasy XII batch here.

Notice! I know some people HATE curves, but there is one curves layer here. Just one, a very simple one too!

Program Used: PS7
Original Image: This base here made by titangirl of sakusei.
Final Icon:

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