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another day in paradise
23rd-Dec-2007 08:44 pm - time to rejoice, i know
ff7; art; aerith; two

Shall reopen! It's been months, I know. But you can thank my piece of crap computer and crappy life for that.

Things are a-calming down, so you should see some updates here quite soon!

Take care and best wishes,

_dundee_kisses and loverspond
ff7; art; aerith; two
These are icons I have submitted to contests over the past few months. These are not current entries, just so you know.

Behind the cut you'll find:

14 total.

Staring down the barrelCollapse )
I'm back. Yeah yeah. So I had a bunch of icons, but decided to break it up into smaller and much more manageable groups. Only 47 icons today.

10 High School Musical Cast
13 Lights
02 Oliver and Company
19 Aladdin
03 Robin Hood


boys grab your gunsCollapse )
ff7; art; aerith; two
Point One: I'm delighted that I've discovered this community! If you like iconfiend100 but your up for more of a challenge, go to 10x10variated NOW. YES, RIGHT NOW! XD

Point Two: Pirates. Yay. I've missed this fandom so much...

Behind the cut you'll find my progress for this challenge. I have until July 24th to complete it, and the question is, can I do it!?

Username: _dundee_kisses
Claim: Movies- Pirates of the Caribbean
Set 1 (10/10) COMPLETE!
Set 2 (7/10)
Set 3 (7/10)
Set 6 (1/10)
Set 7 (1/10)
Set 9 (2/10)
Set 10 (1/10)

TOTAL (29/100)

I've got the gift of one linersCollapse )
28th-May-2007 11:29 am - Marie Antoinette Caps: 1400 or so
ff7; art; aerith; two
Now that I finally have my own screencapping program, I'm able to make my own caps, which is truly a blessing.

After much fiddling around, I have managed to cap the movie Marie Antoinette and I thought I'd share. I have always had trouble finding caps for this movie, so tada, problem solved.

The caps are in 3 sets of about 600, because they are pretty large and my slow internet connection cannot upload something as huge as the total file is. The images are (640 X 272). Enjoy.

Am I to be Austrian or the Dauphine of France?Collapse )
4th-Feb-2007 05:14 pm - Tutorial 3: Penelo
ff7; art; aerith; two
This is the first tutorial I have made in a really long time! XD

This one was requested by akiko_yoko_yuki and she requested for me to recreate this icon that I posted in my Final Fantasy XII batch here.

Notice! I know some people HATE curves, but there is one curves layer here. Just one, a very simple one too!

Program Used: PS7
Original Image: This base here made by titangirl of sakusei.
Final Icon:

I'll make your world come crashing downCollapse )
3rd-Feb-2007 01:01 pm - Awards. Yay.
ff7; art; aerith; two
The userinfo is looking weird with the new banners, so I thought I'd move them here!

It's because we are just that good...Collapse )
ff7; art; aerith; two
After a month long disappearance, I'm back with a few icons. I've been spending most of my time jumping around icon contests, and these are some graphics that I've made with some new techniques I learned. So I thought I'd share!


Just walk awayCollapse )
ff7; art; aerith; two
10 new icons. All of these were basically experiments with new coloring techniques, but I thought I'd share anyways.

I use to hold your hand so tight there was no questionCollapse )
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