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another day in paradise
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27th-Dec-2006 05:46 pm - naruto (10), stock (16), friends (5)
Well, I think it's about time I said hello. So hi! ^^ I'm meraline and you can call me whatever you like. Hope you guys are having a fantastic holiday and only 31 icons today.


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24th-Dec-2006 12:49 am - extra important!
ff7; art; aerith; two
I have some important news to share with everyone, so take a seat and pay close attention.

polynesian_ice is expanding.

Please welcome meraline to the club.

She has to be one of the most amazing graphic artists I have met and it is truly a pleasure to have her join me here. Trust me, she won't dissapoint any of you.

Be sure to keep a watch on everything going on here; some changes are coming!

Happy holidays.
ff7; art; aerith; two
I'M NOT DEAD! (Yay for that!)

Small post consisting of things that have been hiding on the hard-drive for a while. I'm not sure who is the original creator of the art I have used, but if you have any idea, let me know and I'll definently credit!

7 icons. 4 vincent. 1 cloud. 1 aerith. 1 cloudxaerith.

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4th-Sep-2006 09:34 pm - Request icons and tutorials here!
ff7; art; aerith; two
From this point forward, I shall be saving my PSD files. At least for a couple of weeks after I post a new icon batch. So what does this mean?


Feel free to request tutorials here, just please include the icon you wish me to recreate and the post where it came from. Thanks!
ff7; art; aerith; two

Artist: _dundee_kisses
Pairing/Character: Sora
Theme set: Delta
# of icons completed total: 19/100

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ff7; art; aerith; two
Alright, these are a few icons that have been stashed on my computer for a while. Please excuse the crappiness... these were my 'in between' style icons. XD


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12th-Sep-2006 03:32 pm - iconfiend100 Yuna: Final Fantasy X-2
ff7; art; aerith; two

Artist: _dundee_kisses
Pairing/Character: Yuna
Theme set: Beta
# of icons completed total: 23/100

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25th-Jul-2006 07:18 pm - Final Fantasy X (10)
ff7; art; aerith; two
Small icon dump today, only 10.


6 Tidus
2 Yuna
1 Lulu
1 Wakka
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ff7; art; aerith; two
I bring to thee, my newest icon batch. An extremely large Dead Man's Chest post. Okay, so it isn't that big, but for me, anything more then 5 is considered huge.


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ff7; art; aerith; two

Username: _dundee_kisses
Category: Movies
Sub-Category: Pirates of the Caribbean 2
Subject: Swann, Elizabeth
Image URL: http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b366/DundaeielSilimaure/ElizPlank2.jpg

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